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SUPERINDEX®️ Beats the SP 500 INDEX and Beats ALL ASSET CLASSES - Higher Return, Lower Risk

SuperIndex®️has been referred to as a premier trading platform and portfolio management system - perhaps because it combines so many attributes into a unified, seamless, transparent process, with world-class metrics, ease if trade execution, and performance - from A to Z. This includes:

-Analytic Processes
-Algorithmic Trading Systems
-Ease of Execution
-Continuous Algorithmic Money Management


SuperIndex®️ - Combined Performance

SuperIndex®️ - Dispersed Performance was provided with the trade information for the strategies of the SuperIndex ®️ as they actually happened in real-time. This allows for independent, third party, ongoing, time stamped, real-time trade and account verification.

You may graph the performance of strategies against a comparative index under "Chart Parameters". You may also be able to apply the strategies to multiple indexes or some timing funds. This allows users to apply trade executions to various indexes for a broader representation of strategy performance. In addition to graphing the performance of these strategies, you can also view information or historical trades for the strategies.

For nine consecutive years pre-COVID, CNBC noted, fund managers lagged the SP 500 Index. Incredibly for money managers, the news then got even worse - unfortunately, the SP 500 itself, Crashed in March 2020. The SuperIndex®️ dramatically outperformed the SP 500 during this Crash in terms of measures both of RISK ie: volatility, beta, standard deviation and REWARD ie: Annual Return - and for the many years prior to the Crash of 2020 as well*.

SuperIndex®️ vs SP500 - Inception through Sept 15,2022

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Combine facets from among the world's most sophisticated risk-analysis platforms and over 1000 inputs with automated portfolio management - money management, position sizing, entry and exit strategies to generate low correlations. Minimize need for performance attribution with trading and execution facility on a single integrated platform. Tailor our platform, analytics and risk management expertise to your needs.

Benefit from a single integrated system that supports a seamless process – from risk analysis to portfolio modeling to cash management to creating orders that may be then automatically routed to the appropriate trading desks throughout the modeling and trading process. All for less than the price of your in-house research budget. This is harmony and simplicity on the user side, yet we're talking about powerful, comprehensive Portfolio Management through Super Indexing -

Automated, 24-7, Continuous, Realtime Marking of Asset Valuations
Sophisticated Risk Analytics
Highly Scalable Platform
Money Management
Ease of Execution,
Instantaneous Entry and Exits
Highly Liquid Positions and Markets
Minimized Transaction Costs
Streamlined Operations and Office Functions
Simplified Accounting
Transparency of Positions

In summary, a daily, evidence-based, comprehensive assessment, measurement, and re-balancing of your portfolio to reflect the REAL continuous, risk and reward in the marketplace.


MARKET CRASH - SuperIndex ®️ vs Dow Jones Industrial Index - Year to Date 4/17/2020


There is simply no substitute for performance. These are the authoritative, prospective, 3rd party - verified 10 Year returns for un-leveraged positions. Best of all, this has been while incurring risk at a fraction of the market's statistical and actual risk. To learn more about Modern Portfolio Theory, the constant relationship between Risk and Reward in investing, and how Super Indexing with the SYNTHESIS
has shown itself to be a notable exception, click below.

Trade a broad swath of the entire market (or) any number of domestic or international markets, sectors, ETF's, or stocks. Minimize correlations while lowering statistical risk, and produce relative and absolute returns. While past and current performance does not predict future returns, SYNTHESIS' demonstrated coupling of Higher Returns with Lower Risk is a rare phenomenon in the world of investing. (All of this in the setting of tremendous liquidity and easy execution to accommodate virtually any type or size of portfolio - that's Super Indexing).
To compare the SuperIndex®️ to your favorite index, simply click on the navigation bar to the left. You will be able to generate a chart to show the combined strategies as a single output like the one above, as well as the dispersed individual component signals of the strategy, comparing the SuperIndex®️ REAL TIME transactions with the selected index fund. In this instance, the SuperIndex®️ is compared to the the DOW 30 during the COVID Crash in March 2020. You may also generate risk and return data and actual trades with real date and time stamps.

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